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In Herbolari Tina offer different natural services that makes you feel better:


Also called natural medicine, naturopathy embraces a number of practical preventive or curative therapies obtained using elements of nature.


Based on natural food, in Herbolari Tina we prepare you the best and customized diet for your needs.

Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers are a therapy to treat unwanted feelings and emotions by patients based on natural preparations. Treats seven types of negative states: fear, uncertainty, avoidance of this, loneliness, hypersensitivity, sadness or despair and excessive concern for others. These states have different aspects, therefore alongside the primary treatment may be used a mixture of essences. An example of the plants used are the Alamo by fear of the unknown or do for intolerance.

Usui Tibetan Reiki

Reiki comes from the Japanese rei (, meaning spirit / soul) and Qi (, energy / vital energy), thus referring to the universal life force energy that flows through us and around the world. This technique fills your body with energy and harmonises body mind and spirit.

More services

We offer more services you may be interested, come visit us.